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X1 Pro Gen 2 2021 Controller Performance

We offer two controller options for the X1 PRO Gen 2 EMTB mid-drive motor system: the BAC855 controller and the BAC2000 controller. This video will help you choose the suitable controller option according to your power requirement.

With adequate cooling, the motor and controller can sustain the peak power for a long period of time until the temperature reaches the preset limit. The performance of the two controller options in default settings is shown in the video.

The X1 PRO motor with the BAC2000 controller is able to sustain more power but in the default settings, the peak current and power are limited for a smoother experience. You can still increase the peak limit to 6kW but the motor will heat up faster. We recommend keeping the default settings. The motor and controller are able to achieve high efficiency in our dyno testing.

BAC855 Controller

Max rated torque:

156 N.m. at 390W

Max power output:

3300W at 108 N.m.

BAC2000 Controller

Max rated torque:

264 N.m. 1700W

Max power output:

5400W at 228 N.m.


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