The world was almost at a stand-still in 2020, but CYCMotor Ltd took this as an opportunity for development. During this time, we completed numerous upgrades on the X1 PRO Gen 2 and grew our team to release a range of exciting projects in 2021. Click here for all the X1 PRO Gen 2 upgrades.  


We are on the verge on releasing a new smaller motor system: The X1 Stealth. The system will be compatible with a lot of the X1 PRO components and will be a 140Kv motor. At the current schedule, the Stealth will be released by the end of Q1 2021. 


Aside from the X1 Stealth, we’ve gathered a larger team! New to the CYC Team are mechanical engineers, a software engineer, an industrial designer, new members to our logistics team and assigned a designated marketing team. With more engineers, comes higher quality and so, we’ve raised our QC standards as well as upgraded our test lab to bring you even higher quality and reliability for your conversion kits. 


Is there anything else in store? Yes! CYC is also launching the X-Series Batteries and releasing the CYC Motor (BAC) mobile app compatible for all BAC controllers.  


A big thanks to all our supporters and dealers around the world for making this possible! We could not do this without all of you. We’d also like to give a special thanks to all the participants on the CYC Owners Group on Facebook for all your inputs, shared experiences and collaboration among each other. 



CYCMotor is a group of electric bike enthusiasts located in Hong Kong who aim to perfect the experience of e-MTB. Our story began when we set up an electric bike company called GNGELECTRIC over 8 years ago. As we’ve accumulated experience and gained a lot of support from the enthusiasts' community, we’ve stepped-up our game! 


In 2018, CYCMotor Ltd was born. We gathered an even larger engineering team and partnered with reputable suppliers aiming to develop the most advanced electric motor system for the new age. With continuous development, we are able to create ultra-compact, high quality modular motor systems with extreme performance at a reasonable price. Power never looked so good! 


Our promise is to keep innovating and bring electric bike technology to a whole new level.