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X1 Pro Gen 4 Upgrades Explained

What's so special about the Gen 4? We've listed all the important X1 Pro Gen 4 upgrades below and explain how the system is affected by the updates. With 3 major component updates and a few smaller ones, the X1 Pro Gen 4 is more refined, more reliable, and faster than ever!

Internal view of X1 Pro Gen 4 motor

The X1 Pro Gen 4 sees the motor stator and rotor length increased by 10mm enabling the motor to achieve higher power with the kV value increasing the peak RPM. Aside from the increase in length, the rotor manufacturing was also reviewed to ensure that the magnets stay retained under high load.

Due to the characteristics of the new motor, that now has an increase in overall surface area, the motor requires less phase current to achieve the same torque as the previous generation. Combined with the X12 that can deliver 180 phase amps continuously, we can achieve a higher output torque of 250N.m. at the crank as a combined system. Due to the motor being able to do more with less, this results in a better over all efficiency of the motor and in return, a better thermal performance.

X12 controller heatsink

The X1 Pro Gen 4 introduces the X12 controller, updated from the X6 controller in the Gen 3. This controller effectively doubles the capacity, and is capable of 84V (72V nominal) and 120A input that will deliver up to 6kW of power.

The controller can run up to 9Kw of input power and up to 220 phase amps and the motor has been tested up to 8.5 kW. However, the power libations of the system has been set to 6kW and 180 phase amps ensuring that the controller is running at a more comfortable range that will not strain the electronic components.

Torque Sensor
X1 Pro Gen 4 torque sensor

The Gen 4 torque sensor received a housing overhaul to make it more robust than the previous version. The stationary and rotational pieces of the torque sensor remain the same as the X1 Pro Gen 3, X1 Stealth Gen 3, and Photon systems.

Chain Guard

There's a new heavy-duty chain guard that is now assembled directly at the 104BCD bolts. With a more durable torque sensor assembly solution, the chain guard can take the hit, especially in critical conditions.

Want to know which CYC chainring is best for your bike build? Please find out more through our blog post here: X1 PRO & X1 Stealth Chainring Options Explained.

219H Chain Tensioner

Thanks to your feedback, the chain tensioner now consists of a one sided spring that is tensioned with the chain cover, easing the installation process.

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Is it possible to swap/purchase out my Gen 2 5KW controller for this new version? The old controller is really hard to package properly, and I'd love to simply have it right next to the motor.

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