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X1 PRO & X1 Stealth Gen 3 Upgrades Explained

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The X1 PRO and X1 Stealth Gen 3 had a design overhaul with the intention to provide not only the best power and torque but also to provide a convenient solution.

The redesigning of our conversion kits also made it possible to solve previous weaknesses thanks to your feedback. If you liked the older generation kits, or even if you didn't, you'll be able to love the next generation: the Gen 3.

So what's new?

New Inhouse Controller

X1 PRO Gen 3 is now paired with the X-series controller which makes a day and night difference from the previous models. Both the PAS and throttle experience are refined. The following list of issues are addressed with the X-series controller:

  • High initial torque

  • Peak power

  • Maximum reliability

  • No cut-out with full power in bumpy terrain

  • Instant throttle response

  • Refined torque sensor tuning

  • Simplified app

  • Fully programmable via display, so using the app is not mandatory

  • Plug-and-play

Introducing the new CYC Ride Control Mobile App

Pair the CYC Ride Control mobile app with the X-Controller Series and it gives you the ultimate freedom to ride your way.

Via Bluetooth connectivity, we have ensured that your ebike experience is now more integrated than ever.

Rotor Core & Motor

With mechanically retained magnets inside the CYC motors, they are designed to reach high RPMs without falling under heat stress.

Not only are the magnets mechanically secured but CYC uses high-grade quality magnets that can withstand up to 180 degrees Celsius, Much more than the motor will reach during your ride allowing for ease of mind during any conditions.

The X1 PRO motor is equipped with an SPM rotor to optimize the efficiency and torque with the small form factor. To prevent the magnet from loosening, the magnets are mechanically retained by using slots in the rotor.

Easier Installation

The Gen 3 kit design is redesigned to make conversion easier than ever for BSA threaded frames and BB92 frames.

It's time to build your dream machine!

Torque Sensor Technology

New CYC motors are equipped with the Gen 3 torque sensing technology exclusively developed in-house by our team of engineers and riders. Together they achieved a pedal assist experience for conversion kits like you've never seen before.

Water Resistant

Love a muddy ride? What about rainy days or washing your bike? We've got you covered. We're making sure that our system is up for the job.

All the previous water ingress point has been sealed properly with the upgrades. All the exposed bearings are also sealed so the systems are now safe to wash and use under heavy rain conditions.


The latest design emphasizes the easiness of installation. User error/installation error is also prevented.


With a 2-year warranty, CYC will continue to have your back. We stand by our systems and want to ensure that you have as much fun as we do without disappointment along the way.

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