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Essential information of all you need to know about your CYC ebike mid-drive motor from kit options, compatibility, battery choices to services.

  • A8. What batteries are compatible and what specs do I need?
    The X-series controller support 36V to 72V batteries (nominal voltage). In order words, 10s to 20s lithium batteries (fully charged 20s equaling to 84V). However, the X1 Stealth Gen 3 is only 36V to 52V compatible so it's important to check the kit specifications as well before ordering a battery. If you're unsure what specifications you need or if it's your 1st time purchasing an ebike, we strongly recommend reading our blog post on ebike battery specifications. X6 voltages and peak power 1800W with 36V batteries  2400W with 48V batteries  2600W with 52V batteries (max for X1 Stealth) 3000W with 60V batteries  3300W with 72V batteries (max for X1 Pro)   The X12 controller (for X1 Pro only) can handle 180A maximum phase current and requires 80A continuous and 100A peak battery current to run at its maximum performance.  X12 voltages and peak power 2880W with 36V batteries  3840W with 48V batteries  4160W with 52V batteries  4800W with 60V batteries  5400W with 72V batteries (max for X1 Pro) *These calculations are based on 50A and 80A continuous current battery BMS specifications respectively and does not account for efficiency loss.
  • A7. What controller should I choose?
    For the X1 Pro kits, CYC currently offers two versions: a 3000W version with the X6 controller and a 5000W version with the X12 controller.For X1 Stealth kits however, there is only one version: the 1500W version with the X6 controller. Power Capabilities X6 - Rated Power: 3kW  - Phase Current: 110A - Battery Current: 50A continuous & 60A peak  X12 - Rated Power: 5kW  - Phase Current: 180A - Battery Current: 80A continuous and 100A peak  More information on the controllers can be found here. Mounting the Controllers  The mounting bracket of X6 and X12 is included in the kit along with a wire cover plate. The controllers are integrated between the mounting brackets, meaning that you would not need to mount the controller independently and is supplied pre-assembled. You can choose to mount the controller separately. If you want to mount the motor inside your frame's triangle or anywhere that the controller is obstructing your desired mounting position, you will need to select the controller extension wire option when ordering. The extension wire will allow you to mount the controller elsewhere while having adequate wiring length to support it. General advice If you're simply looking for some high-powered extra assistance, then go for the X6 option. If you will be riding with heavy load, such as cargo, or want a motorbike-like feeling, then go for the X12. Just note that your battery specifications do matter with the power output you can expect.
  • A9. What do I need to know about compatible displays?
    CYC has a total of four display choices which includes, the APT 500c, APT 750c, Topology SW102, & DS103 displays. All options are compatible with 36V to 52V nominal battery packs except for the 750c display which can handle up to 72V nominal. Controller compatibility: • 500c = ASI BAC800, BAC855, BAC2000, CYC X6, and CYC X12 • 750c = ASI BAC800, BAC855, BAC2000, CYC X6, and CYC X12 • SW102 = CYC X6 and CYC X12 • DS103 = CYC X6 and CYC X12 Motor compatibility: • 500c = X1 Pro Gen 2 and X1 Stealth Gen 1 • 750c = X1 Pro Gen 2, X1 Pro Gen 3, and X1 Stealth Gen 1 • SW102 = X1 Pro Gen 2, X1 Pro Gen 3, X1 Stealth Gen 1, and X1 Stealth Gen 3 • DS103 = X1 Pro Gen 2, X1 Pro Gen 3, X1 Stealth Gen 1, and X1 Stealth Gen 3 Please note that the SW102 and 500c displays fit ⌀22.2mm handlebars whereas the DS103 and 750c displays fit ⌀22.2mm, 25.4mm, and 31.8mm handlebars. With the ASI BAC855 and BAC2000, you are also able to use EggRider displays although these are not supplied by CYC. You will need to contact for settings and instructions. EggRider is not compatible with CYC X6 or X12 controllers.
  • A3. What is the difference between the X1 Pro and the X1 Stealth?
    The two systems run the same way when riding them. They share a lot of the same components and even have a similar design, but they do have some major differences which will affect your choice on which kit to pick. Power, torque, and weight differences The X1 Pro Gen 2 and Gen 3 is rated at either 3000W or 5000W and 150N.m. or 250N.m. depending on your controller choice. The X1 Stealth Gen 1 and Gen 3, however, is rated at 1500W with 150N.m. of torque with only 1 controller choice. The X1 Stealth is smaller in form factor and therefor lighter as well. The X1 Pro complete kit weighs in at 5.6kg whereas the Stealth weighs in at 4.5kg. Motor type The X1 Pro is sensored BLDC motor which means that there is no carbon brush like in brushed motors. There is no physical wear and tear causing the motor to be much more durable than conventional motors. With a built-in temperature sensor, it is exceedingly difficult to fry the motor, even at extreme loading of > 5kW. The X1 Stealth, however, is an outrunner BLCD motor which allowed us to design the small formfactor without compromising on the torque. Kit options Although the majority of the kit options are the same, the bottom bracket, chainring, and controller options differ slightly. The X1 Pro Gen 2 and Gen 3 has 4 bottom bracket options making it suitable for a larger variety of bikes including fatbikes. The X1 Stealth on the other hand, only has the 2 most common bottom bracket options which are BSA (or English) threaded 68-83mm bottom bracket frames and BB92 (or PF92) frames and is not suited for fatbikes. The X1 Pro also has a choice of 3 chainring options but the X1 Stealth only has 2. The reason for this is because the X1 Stealth has a shorter mounting bracket making the largest chainring option not compatible. You can find more information of chainring options here. Finally, the X1 Pro has 2 controller options which accommodates different power and torque outputs, but the X1 Stealth only has 1 controller by default. There is also no reason to try fit the larger controller of the X1 Pro since this controller is simply overkill for the X1 Stealth's maximum capabilities.
  • A2. Will the Photon fit my frame?
    The CYC Photon is compatible with most bike frames in the market: BSA 68 - 83mm BB92 BSA 100mm BSA 120mm For a Photon measurement guide, you can download the template printable here to check your bottom bracket measurement and the size of the chainrings available for the kit here:
  • A4. How do I install the X1 Pro or X1 Stealth?
    Installation of X1 Pro or X1 Stealth only takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes after the first attempt. This short installation time allows you to easily convert your MTB to an eMTB or switch the kit to a different frame.  We encourage you to go through the kit's user manual as well as the app and display user guide. You can freely download these guides here. You can also find various installation videos on our Youtube channel that will help you along the way.
  • A6. What chainring option should I choose?
    CYC supplies 3 various chainring options for the X1 Pro and 2 options for the X1 Stealth and comes with an aluminium chain guard by default. When choosing your chainring, keep your desired ground clearance in mind and also the clearance from your chainstay. It is also important to note that the options will not have a significant affect the speed or torque of the motor, only on your cadence. Click here for more detailed information on which option is best for you.  The chainring set on all options has a 104mm BCD inner chainring which means that you can swap it out with any size 104 BCD chainring from your local bike shop or even belt pulley like for Gates or Veer belt system.  Just be sure to get a steel chainring if you're planning on doing this. Aluminium is a softer material and can more easily bend under high torque. 32T with 53T motor chainring (11/53) The 53T 219H sprocket has an outer diameter of 136mm. It comes with an inner 32T bike chainring and an 11T motor sprocket by default which is included in the kit and pre-assembled. 38T with 63T motor chainring (11/63T) The 63T 219H sprocket has an outer diameter of 160mm. It comes with an inner 38T bike chainring and an 11T motor sprocket by default which is included in the kit and pre-assembled 40T with 72T motor chainring (11/72T) The 72T 219H sprocket has an outer diameter of 184mm. It comes with an inner 40T bike chainring and an 11T motor sprocket by default which is included in the kit and pre-assembled. Below, you will find links to 1:1 printouts for your reference: Printing instructions 32T (11/53) option 38T (11/63) option 40T (11/72) Option (For X1 Pro only)
  • A1. Will the X1 Pro or X1 Stealth fit my frame?
    The X1 Pro is uniquely designed to fit 95% of all existing frames and has been used in a lot of DIY builds as well. The X1 Stealth fits most frames as well but is not suited for fatbikes. The Photon is also designed to fit most frames but has less mounting versatility than the X1 Pro and X1 Stealth frames. Both the X1 Pro and Photon motors have fatbike compatible options. There are two main factors that will determine whether the kits will fit your frame. Your bottom bracket type Your bottom bracket is the most important factor to determine if your bike will fit. You will need to know this in order to select the correct kit option when ordering. CYC supplies a variety of bottom bracket options. There are also fatbike compatible bottom bracket options for the X1 Pro and Photon kits. Have a look at question A5. on this page to figure out what bottom bracket you have, as well as to see which option suits your frame the best. Available space We've yet to come across a frame that doesn't have enough physical space available to fit our kits. But since every frame is designed differently, it helps to check your space available to see where to mount your motor and battery. The CYC kits can be mounted in different positions, the most common being underneath the downtube and inside the triangle. To help you determine where to mount the motor and battery, we have included 1:1 printouts in the link below: Downloads For a bottom bracket measurement guide, you can download the template printable here: If you are still unsure, click here to send us your bike name and model for guidance. You can also let us know what type of riding you're planning on doing if you want more specific/ tailored information.
  • A5. What bottom bracket option should I choose?
    The X1 Pro, X1 Stealth, and Photon kits support several bottom brackets, including the traditional BSA/ English threaded bottom brackets and press fit bottom brackets. The X1 Pro and Photon BSA/ English threaded options fit bottom brackets ranging from 68mm to 120mm while the X1 Stealth options include 68mm to 83mm. The press fit options include BB92 versions although PF30, BB30, and even most BMX bottom brackets can be fitted either directly or with the help of an adaptor. BSA/ English threaded and press fit bottom brackets are the most common among bikes. Below is a guide to help choose the correct option for your CYC conversion kit and how you check which bottom bracket you have. If you already know what bottom bracket you have, you can refer to the chart below to know which option to select. If not, continue reading after the chart for more guidance. For X1 Pro and Photon: For X1 Stealth: If your bottom bracket requires an adaptor, you are welcome to contact us to see which adaptor you need or to get some examples. Adaptors are extremely common and very easy to install. You can also contact us if you have a BMX bottom bracket or if you're generally just unsure. We'd be happy to help! What bottom bracket do I have? When we are checking your bottom bracket type, we can check 3 things: the frame's bottom bracket shell width, the shell's inner diameter, and the bottom bracket that is currently installed in your frame. If you get a frame without a crankset installed, you could simply use the frame's bottom bracket width and inner diameter. To check the bottom bracket shell width and inner diameter, measure it using the images below as reference. Note that 95% of bottom brackets are standard so approximate values are mostly fine unless you have some funky, old-school, or eccentric frame. When we measure, we are also only accounting for the frame itself. Do not include any of the components such as the bottom bracket cups or bearings that might be installed. You do not need to remove any components from your bike to take these measurements unless you are unsure. Once you have your measurements, you can refer to the charts above to see which option you need. You can also check the bottom bracket you currently have installed by removing it, checking the markings or model of it, and checking if it has threads or not. This will give you some extra confidence in your measurements since it can help you confirm that you are correct.
  • B4. What about gear shift sensors?
    Our kits do not come standard with gear shift sensors but you are welcome to source them from other suppliers. You will need to ensure that you get the 1 to 4 wiring harness from us with your kit. Simply leave a comment upon checkout requesting for a 1 to 4 harness in your kit (no additional fees apply). If you selected the "brake sensor" option when ordering, then you will get the 1 to 4 wiring harness by default. Magura MT5e's The Magura MT5e's are a very popular choice as they have gear shift sensors and brake sensors built in. Be sure to select the "higo-closer" type if you're planning on getting these.
  • B3. I accidentally broke my speed sensor! Can I still ride my ebike?
    With the CYC systems, yes! There is no issue doing so. However, we strongly advise that you take note of the following if you find yourself in this or a similar situation: 1. Riding without a speed sensor is NOT STREET LEGAL and should be reserved for private/ off road use only. 2. You will not have a speed reading on your display or on the app. Since there is no speed reading, your system will not limit your speed anymore, which is why it is no longer street legal. 3. Cover up the open connector to protect it from water/ debris ingress. Leaving it open can cause pin damage or even compromise other electronic components in the system. Disclaimer: CYC will not warranty damages because of water/ debris ingress or pin failure in this case.
  • B1. What connector do I need for my battery?
    Our kits come standard with XT90 (M) connectors. As we have open systems, you will be able to connect to our motors if you have an XT-90 or XT-90S connector. You’ll also be able to use any third-party battery from different suppliers. If your battery option has a different connector type (such as Anderson or XT60), you can simply replace the connector with a new XT90 connector through an adapter.
  • B2. What are brake sensors?
    They are sensors that ensure power gets cut off when your bike's brakes are pulled. It's completely up to your preference as some people like them and others don't. The primary feature of brake sensors is for safety and so we recommend that you get them if you are new to bikes or ebikes. Please note that the brake sensors we provide are not integrated into the brakes themselves (like with the Magura MT5e's) but is an additional component installed onto your existing brake levers.
  • C3. Is there an app for CYC? Do I need it? What does it do?
    There are 3 CYC apps that are all used for different generation kits and paired with different controllers. Our kits can be configured with a CYC app where you will find all the different parameters that you can change to customize your ride.
  • C6. What payment options do you accept?
    PayPal is linked to our website but we also accept Western Union and bank transfers. You can contact for information on payment details, shipping, and/ or tax.
  • C1. Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! CYC ships ebike kits to all 4 corners of the globe straight from our website to your doorstep. You can order directly here. We also have dealers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA, and South Korea. You can check to find a dealer near you here or contact us if you're interested in becoming a dealer yourself! *Please note that shipping for battery packs is country specific due to battery shipping regulations. *Payment and shipping to and from Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Yemen and Crimean Peninsula have been suspended until further notice.
  • C4. I don't have a CYC motor. Can I use your CYC MOTOR (BAC) app for my ASI controller?
    No. As per our agreement with ASI, the CYC MOTOR (BAC) app is strictly for CYC motor users only. We will not share the login credentials with any user without a receipt or proof of purchase of owning a CYC kit.
  • C5. I've ordered the wrong options! What should I do?
    Don't stress if we haven't shipped your kit yet! We accept any changes to your order before final shipping confirmation. If you realized that you may have picked the wrong options or if you're uncertain after placing your order, simply contact our support team at along with your order number to let them know and we will assist you accordingly. If your order has already shipped, well then... still contact us because we'll be happy to help you sort it out in the best way possible. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Returns and Refunds policy for detailed information.
  • C2. Do you assist with kit options and recommendations?
    Yes! We will assist you from the get-go. Whether you need some guidance on picking a frame or choosing a bottom bracket option, we'll be glad to help you every step of the way. Contact us for assistance and be sure to include some details about what you're looking for so that we know best how to help you.
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