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Electrify Bike Co. Becomes First CYC Partner, Strengthening Distribution Network

CYC is thrilled to announce that Electrify Bike Co., based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, has joined CYC's newly established Partner Program as its flagship distributor.

Electrify Bike's new shop located in West Jordan, Utah.

The Partner Program is a strategic initiative by CYC to enhance customer service, expedite component delivery, and expand its distribution network worldwide. The program involves collaborating with selected distributors in key regions, serving as dedicated service centers for customers, and increasing component availability.

"Electrify is our oldest partner in the US, and their staff is very knowledgeable about our products thanks to their skilled technicians and excellent facilities. Strengthening our partnership with them reinforces our shared mission to revolutionize the mid-drive conversion market together," said Jon Chan, CEO and Founder of CYC MOTOR LTD.

This program strengthens CYC and Electrify's presence in the US and marks the beginning of an improved service experience. Commencing December 1, 2023, CYC kit users will have the privilege of local assistance from Electrify and enjoy significantly reduced lead times for general components. Electrify will be equipped with CYC-specific tools and receive training to provide top-notch service to both their own customers and direct customers from CYC.

CYC Mechanical Engineer Rikus Keyser (left), Electrify Bike Co. Owner and Founder Mark Ostlund (middle) and CYC Motor Ltd CEO and Founder Jon Chan in the Electrify Expo 2023.

“CYC has taken the DIY ebike conversion market to a new level of technology, support, and refined riding experience for customers.” said Mark Ostlund, Owner, and Founder of Electrify Bike Co. “We are proud to be their flagship distributor for North America. CYC’s product excellence and delivery of warranty and support are entirely unparalleled by any other manufacturer of mid-drive motors for custom ebikes.”

Setting up the operational processes required to support the Partner Program is no easy feat, but with the invaluable support of the team at Electrify Bike, CYC is excited about the future prospects of this collaboration.

Shop their custom, ready-to-ride & conversion craft kits here:


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