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CYC Motor and Coast Cycles unveil the Buzzraw X 250MR

CYC Motor and Coast Cycles, renowned for their exceptionally crafted electric bikes, are excited to announce their collaboration with the highly anticipated launch of the Buzzraw X 250MR powered by the CYC Photon.

Coast Cycles’ newly released Buzzraw X 250MR, powered by the CYC Photon.

Driven by CYC mid-drive systems, the joint project unifies CYC Motor’s state-of-the-art electric motor technology with Coast Cycles’ unwavering dedication to creating outstanding electric bikes that will transform the way people ride and interact with them.

“The integration of CYC Motor’s technology into our designs marks a new era in electric biking. This partnership enables us to offer our customers an unmatched riding experience, blending power and precision seamlessly. With torque sensing technology and a dedication to integrating design seamlessly, we are poised to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our discerning clientele.” Jansen Tan, founder of Coast Cycles.

Keeping its iconic Buzzraw design, the Buzzraw X keeps riders in mind with a focus on comfort, stability, and aesthetics- where form and function meet while looking stylish for every bike journey.

The Buzzraw X first appeared at Eurobike 2022, equipped with the pre-production model Photon. The overwhelmingly positive response from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike reaffirmed the strength of their collaboration and the immense potential of the Buzzraw X in the ebike market. 

The launch of the Buzzraw 250MR series marks an exciting new chapter for both companies. As industry leaders in their fields, they are committed to bringing groundbreaking electric bike solutions to riders across the globe.

"It has been a pleasure working with the team at Coast Cycles on this project. They have a very innovative team that pioneered and defined the 20x4 bike category in the industry. Coast Cycles' product philosophy is well-aligned with ours - we both love pushing technological boundaries to enhance the riding experience. They have helped us advance key areas of our Photon motor and display development by providing crucial feedback and insights. We very much appreciate them taking the time to collaborate closely with us. It has been invaluable having their perspectives and real-world testing help refine our product. We look forward to continuing our partnership and further advancing e-bike technology together." Jon Chan, Founder and CEO of CYC Motor Ltd.

The Buzzraw series fitted with the Photon system from CYC is now available with 250W(EU) and 750W(US) Firmware options at

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