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Total delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks after confirmed order. Tax not included.

X1 Stealth shipped before 20/01/2022 : CSK20PP

X1 Stealth shipped after 20/01/2022: FE433Z2

X1 Pro: CSK25PP

Photon stage 1: FE420Z

Photon stage 2: 5476


Please note that if you have an X1 Stealth shipped after 20/01/2022, contact if you are having gearbox issues. All X1 Stealth models shipped after 20/01/2022 have updated gearboxes. 


All pricing listed in USD

Payment & Shipping to and from Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Yemen and Crimean Peninusla are suspended until further notice.

Sprag Clutch for Gearboxes

  • Total delivery time is  2 - 3 weeks after confirmed order. Tax not included.

  • CYC products have a 1 year warranty. Man-made failure excluded. Please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy for detailed information. Warranty starts on the day thay your parts are delivered. 

    Using this product with a system not supplied by CYCMotor Ltd will not be supported or warrantied. Please refer to our refund and return policy for detailed information.

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