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Why Turn Your Bike into an eBike?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Why should you convert your normal bike into an ebike and why choose a CYC motor to do so?

There are so many reasons why you should convert your bike as opposed to getting a new factory built ebike. There are even more reasons to choose CYC for this conversion. The real question is: Why not?! With the X1 Pro Gen 2, X1 Stealth and a choice of matching battery packs, there’s something for everyone.

The Power to break boundaries

As most ebikes have a power output of 750W and 70N.m. of maximum rated torque. CYC provides you with kit options ranging from 1500W all the way up to 5000W and maximum rated torque ranging from 150N.m. to 250N.m. depending on your motor and controller options. CYC brings power to excite any ebike enthusiast.

You will have the ability to enjoy two sports with one machine! With full power settings, you can run the motor with a proper downhill frame just like an electric dirt bike, but with a much lighter weight and better handling. In fact, with the BAC2000 controller setup, you can run the X1 Pro at a similar power and torque level (>5kW) as some popular electric dirt bikes. Of course, you will need to choose a strong downhill frame if you want to run the motor at its maximum power. It is important to check if your bike and its components, can handle the power and torque.

Think this is a bit much? No need to worry! There are two power presets in the CYC motors’ units. You can switch between Street Mode and Race Mode easily on the display. Street Mode is set up to perform similarly to the pre-built ebikes which follow legal standards. Please do check your local regulations in order to adjust the power levels accordingly via the CYC mobile app.

It’s lighter than most pre-built ebikes

The added weight of the CYC mid-drive motors is minimal after you have removed the original crankset and installed the motor. One of the main advantages are that the weight is placed directly at the bottom bracket, which means that the bike’s handling stays mainly unaffected. With the X1 Pro, you will only add around 3.5-4 kg to your original bike. With the X1 Stealth, you will only add around 2-3kg.

Depending on the battery you’ve installed, you will add another 3-4kg. Do check your battery specs so that you don't carry around unnecessary load. The typical pre-built bike weighs over 20kg but with the CYC mid-drive motors, you can build a much more powerful and lighter e-bike that’s customized according to your needs.

It still feels like a proper eMTB with torque sensing pedal assist

A lot of reviews out there have criticized conversion kits for not feeling like a “real” ebike. With the CYC kits, this critique is outweighed as you can completely customize your riding experience and set it as “ebike-like" as you wish through the CYC Motor mobile app. The CYC conversion systems are already equipped with built in torque and cadence sensors, which are the same sensors you’ll find in pre-built mid-drive ebikes. Some riders prefer the natural riding feeling, and others want to feel a sensation that’s closer to a motorbike. Whichever way you prefer, it’s possible! Plus, you can still adjust the power level to your region's legal limit so that it’s street and trail legal wherever you are.

You don’t have to say goodbye to your current bike

Probably one of the best reasons to choose a CYC conversion kit, is that you don’t need to put your current stallion away like a toy that’s being replaced. Rather than replacing your current, and probably much loved bike, you can keep it and simply add the power. Since the CYC motors are designed to fit all common frame types, it’s just too easy. You can even remove the kit again as needed or install it to a different frame.

It’s made to fit 95% of all existing frames

Are you able to convert your bike into an ebike? More than likely, the answer is YES! With different bottom bracket options to choose from and flexible mounting positions, the CYC motors are designed uniquely to fit all common frame types. Even carbon frames are no issue!

It’s quick and easy, on and off

Setting up your CYC kit is actually quite simple, especially if you’ve done it once. The best part is that it’s just as easy to remove it. The switch between ebike and bike can be 30 minutes or less. Not that you would really need to take it off as you can choose to keep the system switched off and ride normally without any resistance.

It saves your wallet

While it’s no secret that ebikes can be very expensive for the average user, choosing to convert, is a much more affordable way to get the same result. With most quality ebikes stretching over $2000 easily, you can expect half the price for triple the power with a CYC motor.

These are only 7 of the many reasons to convert to an ebike powered by CYC. Not to mention the unprecedented customer support, compatibility with many set-ups such as a Gates belt-drive, and unmatched small form factor.

Too good to be true? Check out our gallery or social media pages to see many conversions made by our customers around the world. As always, you're very welcome to contact our team if you have any questions.

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Would it be possible for you to supply the max power mid drive motor, and two max capacity batteries and also a gates belt drive system with the front and rear belt ring/ sprocket/gear and finally also a robust internal geared hub with a minimum of 5 gears but robust enough to handle a 5000watt 250 Nm of torque, all for a std fat bike frame.

it makes life much easier to get all the above from one supplier.

I need these conversions for Military, Police and Anti-Poaching bikes for my Customers in Southern Africa.

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