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Setting up your Battery for X-Series Controllers

Your eBike's battery voltage directly influences your kit's power output, range, and even the lifespan of your battery. One important aspect of maximizing your eBike's performance is understanding and setting the correct battery voltage settings to get the most out of our CYC mid-drive conversion kit.

In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to set the minimum voltage for your eBike battery using the Ride Control app.

Adjusting battery voltage through the Ride Control app

If you're using an X-Series controller for your CYC mid-drive motor, you can adjust the minimum battery voltage using the Ride Control app:

Open the Ride Control app: Ensure your phone is connected to your eBike's Bluetooth and connected successfully.

Navigate to Battery settings: On the Battery page, the minimum voltage section is shown and can be adjusted accordingly. We recommend changing this value based on your battery's specifications.

Save settings: After changing the minimum battery voltage, please save your settings or risk losing the changes made.

Setting up your battery's minimum voltage

The key to finding the ideal minimum voltage setting is to match it with your eBike's battery specifications.

Example: If your battery has a nominal voltage of 48V and a cut-off voltage of 42V, it's recommended to set the minimum voltage in the Ride Control app to around 43V or 44V. This ensures sufficient power and range while protecting your battery's health.

Please note the below is set up using the 21700 Samsung 50s cells. The minimum voltage for the 50s cell is 2.5V. However, we will be using 2.7V for additional safety.

To check the minimum voltage for your battery's cell you can look it up online and multiply it by the number of series in your battery. For example, the minimum voltage for the 50s cells is 2.7V. A 36V battery is 10s (i.e. 10 cells in series) so the minimum voltage is 2.7*10 = 27V.

Nominal Voltage

Recommended Min Voltage

10s (36V)


11s (40V)


12s (44V)


13s (48V)


14s (52V)


15s (54V)


16s (58V)


17s (60V)


18s (67V)


19s (70V)


20s (72V)


Please note that the X1 Stealth Gen 3 and Photon kits are compatible with 52V, if you select a higher battery voltage in the app, you will receive an error of controller overvoltage.

Curious about batteries for your ebike? Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned rider, check out our simplified article, The 101 for Ebike Batteries, where we discuss what you need to know (and what you can ignore).

When looking at batteries, it's important to understand what the specifications can offer you. There's more to it than simply looking at power capabilities. Planning to purchase a CYC battery or a third-party battery? Find out what you should factors you should consider before making your next ebike battery purchase here: How to Choose a CYC Battery.


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