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How To Choose a CYC Battery

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

In order to choose a battery, it's best to 1st know what kit you want. In short, there are 4 options listed from lowest to highest in terms of power capabilities:

1. Photon (750W)

2. X1 Stealth Gen 3 (1500W)

2. X1 Pro Gen 3 (3500W version)

3. X1 Pro Gen 2 (5000W version)

If you're completely new to ebikes and ebike batteries, we strongly recommend that you read this article first so that the following information can make more sense.

When we're looking at batteries, it's extremely important to know what specs are right for you and your ride style. There's more to it than simply looking at the power capabilities. With the B-Series product line, we've not only aimed to change the design of the pack, but also to give you guys a bit more variety. So instead of just going for packs with high power, we've given you some packs with range as well. That's what the Samsung 50e's are for.

Before we dig into it, it's worth noting that there's always a trade off with battery specs. You can't have it all unless you have massive amounts of space on your frame & don't mind a very heavy load. Well, most of us have limited frame space & want our ride to be as light as possible. The tradeoff is this: if you want to go far, then it won’t be as powerful. And vice versa.

OK, digging into it...

The B-36 is an excellent choice for the casual trail rider using the X1 Photon or X1 Stealth at lower power or street legal settings. With more than enough watt hours to take you up and down a trail, you'll find that the B-36 doesn't fall too short on range and is small and light enough to make handling easy on the technical bits. In terms of power, it's more than enough for the Photon but it won't reach the maximum power on the X1 Stealth so be sure to keep that in mind.

Rider's recommendation: if you're shredding the tracks with tricks and jumps then you probably need your bike to be as light as possible. If you're out for the full day and need your battery to last long because you still need to make it back to your car, then consider getting 2x B-36 packs so that you can swap them out as needed.

The B-52 & B-52L packs with the Samsung 50e cells are fantastic for those wanting to go for a day out on the bike and cover long distances where weight isn't the top priority. With 520wh & 780wh you can expect these packs to cure your range anxiety. When it comes to power capabilities, these packs are best suited for the Photon and X1 Stealth kits. You can consider them as an option for your X1 Pro 3500W version but it's best to note that you're not going to get the full 3500W out of the system.

The B-52 & B-52L with the Samsung 40T cells are made for high power perfectly suited for your X1 Pro 3500W or 5000W version. There's little benefit in pairing these with the X1 Stealth simply because these packs are able to give more power than the motor's limits, but they are still compatible in case you were wondering. These two packs are built for high power use as they have a 70A continuous current BMS, but they are still only 52V. If you want FULL POWER for your X1 Pro, then you'll need to source a 72V. Don't stress though! Our support team can help you with the specs needed and depending on your area, even recommend a pack from another trusted supplier. With this being said, don't underestimate the power of these two packs. We trust you'll be fully geared up with a fitting helmet and safety pads since you're verging on motorbike-like power.

Our tech support team will still be happy to help you with your battery choice if you're still unsure so don't be shy and reach out to us at Be sure to give us a bit of detail on your bike and ride style so we can advise accordingly. Otherwise, head on over to our webstore or an authorized CYC dealer and get your hands on a power supply well suited for you CYC ebike and eMTB kit.

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