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Cleaning & Maintaining your CYC powered eBike

Let’s face it... your eBike conversion kit will never be as clean as the day you installed it. Whether you ride gnarly MTB trails, city routes, or bashing your backyard, your X1 conversion kit will get a bit - if not lots - of dirt and debris at some point.

Checking the condition of your kit regularly will ensure that you get the most out of your ride without any technical difficulties out in the bush. Of course, cleaning a motor system will be added effort vs simply cleaning the bike alone, but well worth it!

Before getting started, make sure you’ve disconnected the battery pack. This applies for general storage, transportation, and when doing any maintenance or modification work on your eBike. DO NOT attempt to disassemble or modify the drive unit - unless you actually need to replace a component or two...


It’s advised to clean your bike before putting it away as dirt (especially mud) might harden the longer it’s left. Make sure you’ve unplugged the power supply but there’s no need to unplug any other wiring and we also don’t advise doing so. Get a damp cloth and simply wipe down the bashguard, motor exterior, chainring, chain guard, and the peripherals. Do not use any soap-like liquid against the motor, clean water is all you need. If there’s lots of dirt stuck in between the bashguard and controller, rather use a small brush, like a toothbrush, to get it out.

Even though the kit’s components are rain proof, refrain from soaking the cloth completely or submerging the motor or components in water as this could lead to irreversible water damage. Most importantly, make sure everything is dried nicely before attempting to power it back up.


There’s no specific time to self-service your kit. Although we do recommend having a good look at the overall condition of your kit before and after every ride. This is easy enough since all you need to do is check a few things:

  • Make sure there’s no grease running from the gearbox.

  • If anything went loose, like nuts or bolts, tighten it back up.

  • Make sure that all the wires are still in good condition and still plugged in nicely.

  • Check the chain for proper tension and lubrication. You can use standard chain cleaner and lubrication when needed.

  • Make sure there is no unusual noise when running the motor.

If there are any components that look like they’re wearing thin, be sure to contact us for a replacement before pushing your limits on your next ride.

Cleaning, self-servicing and maintaining your X1 mid drive motor is the difference between having a smooth next ride or getting jammed in a random obstacle. If you notice anything unusual before, during or after your ride, don't hesitate to contact us:

We’re here to help.


John Barson
John Barson
Aug 20, 2021

If you are in the US the absolute best grease for your Stealth or Pro is PlanetSafe AIM grease from PlanetSafe Lubricants. It will reduce friction, heat, noise, and be much more impervious to any water that might seep in. My 2 cents. I will be doing a video on this exact topic on our channel.

Replying to

Where is your channel, please? I would like to see such a video and any content you may have on the Stealth or the Pro Gen 2😎.


I have some grey/black grease leaking out of the motor. Is it broken? What can I use to top up the grease inside the motor?

Replying to

Thank you for your fast reply. I'll get some on order now.

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