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The X1 Pro Motor Cover is a part of the motor body covering the rotor and stator. By default, the X1 Pro kits come with the tempered glass cover but it's also available in red or black aluminium.



  • X1 Pro Gen 1
  • X1 Pro Gen 2
  • X1 Pro Gen 3
  • X1 Pro Gen 4



  • Tempered glass or aluminium cover


All pricing is listed in USD.

X1 Pro Motor Cover

  • Total delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks after confirmed order. Tax not included.

    Payment and shipping to and from Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Yemen and Crimean Peninsula are not accepted at this time.

  • Kindly refer to our Returns and Refunds policy for detailed information. Warranty starts on the day that your component/s are delivered. Using this product with a system not supplied by CYC MOTOR LTD will not be supported.

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