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The Photon is a compact and lightweight mid-drive electric bike conversion kit made to create a smooth pedal assist feeling that feels natural and seemless. Rated at 750W & 110N.m. Compatible with 36V to 52V battery packs.




Total delivery time (lead time+shipping time) is 2-3 weeks after confirmed order. Tax not included.


The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

  1. Motor body with Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
  2. Built-in CYC XP6 controller 
  3. Chainring with chainring cover 
  4. Bottom bracket assembly
  5. Crank set
  6. Peripherals including
    1. Display
    2. Waterproof wiring
      1T2 wiring harness will be provided by default
      1T4 wiring harness will be provided if the brake sensor option is selected
      Alternatively, request via email for 1T4 wiring harness
    3. Thumb throttle
    4. Speed sensor
    5. Brake sensors (optional)
  7. User manual (ecopy)
  8. eBike Headlights (optional) available here>


Get more info here >

Find battery options here >

Check if the motor will fit your bike frame here >

All pricing is listed in USD.

This product is not available in China, Hong Kong, & Macau

Photon Mid Drive Conversion Kit


$125 Off! A-Series with Kit Bundle

  • Orders are shipped under Hong Kong Air mail or SpeedPost, depending on the shipping address.

    - Note that total delivery time (lead time+shipping time) is 2-3 weeks after confirmed order. Tax not included.

    Payment and shipping to and from Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Yemen and Crimean Peninusla are not accepted at this time.

    Shipping to Israel: due to the customs policy, it is not recommended to ship the motor to Israel (there is a high chance of the kit being returned). If you still wish to purchase the motor (including the kit and parts), do not place the order via our website and contact us directly at

  • This kit and its major components have a 2-year warranty. Man-made failure excluded. Please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy for detailed information. Warranty starts on the day that your parts are delivered. 

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