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X1 pro gen2

Built quality upgrades

Motor core and rotor

The Gen 2 X1 PRO motors are now built with new tooling equipment and QC procedures.

The motor core and rotor is redesigned. Now capable of handling >12krpm >6kW peak reliably. 

Hall sensor wire is upgraded with waterproof connectors, eliminating the last weak spot of X1 PRO motor.

only motor.png

controller and display

There were some reliability and firmware issues with the GEN 1 controller, which has been resolved in latest Gen 1 motor as well. 

After a year (entire 2019) of hard works and feedback from our early adopters, we are now confident with the Gen 2 36-72V controller in terms of experience and reliability. It has been a long development process to develop a controller handling up to 5kW with such a small footprint. We have been extensively testing and tuning the new controller with E-MTB enthusiasts to make sure that this new controller is up to the task. We are very confident that our customers will be very happy with the new controller with the new firmware.

As for the display, it is also upgraded internally with the new 36-72V controller batch, ensuring the reliability.

mobile app

A new mobile app will be released in February 2020 in both IOS and Android platform.

Our first trial of mobile app (Released last year) was very complicated, and many of our previous customers are finding it difficult to configure the motor. 

With the new app, we have a redesigned dashboard which is fully customizable, a map that support .gpx file and offline map, a fully functional data logger, and a simplified and much more user friendly settings  page.

Now the settings are much more straightforward and we have also included recommended default settings and tutorials to help you get through the setting process. 

The fully customizable app means that you can have a bike that is truly personalized to your riding style and preference.

1. Dashboard 1.png

components upgrade

There are multiple components upgrades apart from the controller and motor.

The gearbox is now more refined and with the new gear machining profile, and the gearbox noise is reduced by 50% as a result.

The electronics and sensors are now built in so there is no external part that is easy to be damaged.

Freewheel is redesigned as well. There is an increase of teeth number such that the engagement when pedaling is much faster and more direct.

Sprocket at the output shaft is now machined with hardened steel instead of stainless steel, which handles 5kW or more extreme power.


torque sensor bottom bracket and crankset

The crank arms are upgraded with CNC aluminium lightweight crank arms. 

Meanwhile the torque sensor is now equipped such that both the torque and cadence signal are collected and processed by the controller to provide natural feeling of pedal assist.

The Torque sensor and controller firmware is tested extensively in the trails and we are proud to achieve comparable response and feeling as the Euro- spec (e.g. Brose and Bosch etc.) EMTB in the low power legal mode.

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