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Jan 22, 2022
How to add live chat to a site If users cannot find answers to their questions, they simply leave the site and continue to search for them on other resources. In order to avoid it, you'd better add live chat software to your site.To simplify the process of finding additional information and reduce the time spent on it, site C级执行名单 owners add the live chat service. This instrument allows users to have quick answers to any questions they may have and prevents them from leaving the site.What is Live Chat?Live chat software is a special tool that helps a visitor to get all the necessary information regarding the current site or product online.In a research provided by e Marketer, it is claimed that 38% of consumers surveyed made their purchases exactly through chat. In addition, according to the statistical study of the company Zendesk, most Internet users prefer online consultation as a means of communication with the seller and 92% of them are completely satisfied with it.Live chat efficiency researchBenefits of Live Chat Software for SiteThere are several types of returns: make or order a call, send an email, etc. However, the visitor is not always in the mood to talk to someone, wait for a callback or an email response. Sometimes people just don't have enough time for this, but it is necessary to get the necessary information.This is the main advantage of live chat for the user - a suitable feedback form is always at hand. You don't need to go to other pages to send an email or a message. Everything is much faster, easier and more user-friendly.For site owners, adding such a tool also means a lot of benefits. What's more,1Loyalty. Accessible service and quick reaction to customer requirements show your customer care. This improves trust and increases the chances of the customer coming back for a new purchase.2Promotion of goods/services. While chatting with a customer, an agent may suggest taking a look at other products, sections of the site that may be of interest to the customer. It's a great way to lead the customer to the target action: the purchase.3Individual approach. The exchange of live messages allows both the seller and the buyer to communicate in a "single language". It also positively affects customer confidence and their rates.4Time saving. Unlike the telephone conversation, an agent is able to conduct several discussions at the same time.5Investigation. All chats are recorded and on their basis, we can establish statistical reports concerning the most frequent problems of customers, deal with the various problems of the site: both informational and technical.These are not all the advantages. The use of such a tool has an individual character and in different cases it is differently useful depending on the objectives of the site, the specifics of the domain, etc.Disadvantages of Live Chat SoftwareHowever, live chats also have some flaws. If the tool has been adjusted and is used incorrectly, this can negatively influence the performance of the site: it can be extremely obsessive. Very often, site owners make the chat widget too big, add unnecessary animations and sounds that only irritate users; the design of the chat may not correspond to the general layout and design of the site. It sounds ridiculous to say the least. Most live chat software providers allow their users to adjust the chat design. However, site owners are often unaware of such an option;