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X1 Pro Gen 2 Sport Features

High Ground Clearance & Flexible Mounting Position

The X1 PRO fits on 95% of all existing bike frames and you can refer to the FAQs page on how to determine if your frame fits.

X1 PRO is designed to be used in extreme terrain which means that a high ground clearance is needed. With traditional bottom brackets mounted motors, the ground clearance is sacrificed and the motor is usually at the lowest point which is closest to the ground. However, the X1 PRO is uniquely designed to optimize ground clearance.

With the X1 PRO's unique design, it can be installed high up from the ground, especially in the modern bike frame with a curved downtube. You can also choose to install the X1 PRO within the triangular frame (need to mount the controller separately with this option), making the X1 PRO the best machine for eMTB conversion.

There are also three chainring options you can choose to achieve the same ground clearance for your mountain bike before conversion. For more information, you can refer to our FAQ on how to choose your chainring option.

The Gen 2 X1 PRO has 2 press-fit versions which have a perfect chainline. Pressfit frames are common in modern mountain bikes. It is typically very difficult to convert press-fit bikes into bikes due to the offset chain line. The BB92 & BB109 bottom bracket versions are designed to be a direct fit with a perfect chain line of 51mm and 59.5mm respectively.

When designing the X1 PRO, we considered the modern frame and geometry which applies to the X1 Stealth design philosophy too.

Instantly Switch Between Modes

The controller options of the X1 PRO allow you to set 2 modes: Race mode and street mode.

To switch between modes instantly, long press the power button on your display (either APT 500c or 750c). You can customize each mode's settings via the app, including the maximum power, throttle response rate, PAS level, PAS on/off, etc.

We have the most comprehensive programming ability with the new app and controller. Simplified yet comprehensive for all functions needed making it suitable for daily commute and trail riding.


The X1 PRO comes with both a torque sensor and throttle.

The torque sensor is used in pedal assist mode and measures how hard and how fast you pedal. It also calculates how much power the motor should output correspondingly.

You can read your own power via a mobile app to monitor your exercise rate. You can also customize the proportion of the motor power output in case you want to change the ratio of assist.

There are 3 throttle options: thumb, half-twist, and full throttle.

Lightweight & Unlimited power

The maximum power of X1 PRO is measured at 5kW at 72V, and the motor system is highly efficient. The efficiency gives a much longer range and thus you can carry a much smaller battery.

At 5kW, in throttle mode, you will be able to ride your ebike like a strong electric dirt bike.

The small form factor still enables extreme power and torque output. If you use a strong downhill frame for X1 PRO, it will be a very capable offroad machine.

Most importantly, the ebike after conversion still looks like a typical eMTB which allows your to enter most of the trails.


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