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The X1 Pro Gen 4 motor is the driver of the X1 Pro system. The motor is pre-assembled with the rotor and stator, along with the sun gear. 



  • X6
  • X12

*Not compatible with ASI controllers



  • 1x X1 Pro Gen 4 motor
  • 1x grease sachet
  • 1x o'ring
  • 2x spare circlips


  • Motor type = Brushless DC motor BLDC


All pricing is listed in USD.

X1 Pro Gen 4 Motor

  • Total delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks after the confirmed order. Tax not included.


    Payment and shipping to and from Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Yemen, and the Crimean Peninsula are not accepted at this time.


    Shipping to Israel: due to the customs policy, it is not recommended to ship the motor to Israel (there is a high chance of the kit being returned). If you still wish to purchase the motor (including the kit and parts), do not place the order via our website and contact us directly at

  • This product has a 2-year warranty. Man-made failure excluded. Kindly refer to our Returns and Refunds for detailed information. Warranty starts on the day that your component/s are delivered.

    Using this product with a system not supplied by CYC MOTOR LTD will not be supported or warranted.

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